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Saint-Cricq, Laurent alias Paul Marcoy (1815-1888)

Laurent Saint-Cricq (1815-1888), better known by his pen name of Paul Marcoy, was a traveller and explorer in South America, a talented draughtsman and a literary scholar. His literary fortune cast a shadow over the veracity of his travel accounts, which were partly composed of archaeological and ethnographic data. After a stay in the West Indies (1831-1834), he embarked for Chile (c. 1841) and stayed in Andean America (especially in southern Peru) until 1846. At the end of his crossing of the Amazonian forest in 1847, he returned to France. He then spent the rest of his life rewriting and reinventing these few years through adventure stories and travelogues such as Travels in South America from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, translated into English in 1875.

Keywords: Scientific Expeditions | Travel literature | 19th century | Peru | Amazonia | Chile | Americanism

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