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CASA/ERASME (1982- 2000s), Dutch-French Research Collaboration

In 1982, a collaborative relationship was initiated between French social anthropologists taking part in the CNRS Équipe de recherche d’anthropologie sociale: morphologie, échanges (ERASME, Research team of social anthropology: morphology, exchanges) and Dutch colleagues engaged in the research group Culturele Antropologie Cognitieve Antropologie (CASA, Cultural Anthropology, Cognitive Anthropology) of Leiden University. The former had recently been created in Paris to develop Louis Dumont’s anthropological ideas, the latter pursued the long-standing tradition of Leiden research initiated by J.P.B de Josselin de Jong. This collaboration lasted in its institutional form until the early 2000s and has been continued on an individual basis since.

Keywords: Social anthropology | 20th century | France | The Netherlands | Comparison | Institutions | Research Institute | Marcel Mauss | Louis Dumont | Daniel de Coppet | J.P.B. Josselin de Jong | Patrick Josselin de Jong

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