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of the Histories of Anthropology

Oracy Nogueira (1917-1996), a Brazilian sociologist with a broad anthropological training, took ground-breaking approaches to racial prejudice and the stigma of disease, among other issues, from family and kinship to politics and community. His intellectual trajectory, prior to and following his PhD studies (1945-1947) at the Departments of Sociology and Anthropology of the University of Chicago under the supervision of Everett Hughes, expresses the fecundity of Brazilian social sciences during the decisive period of their academic institutionalization from the 1930s to the early 1960s. Nogueira’s professional files are gathered at the Oracy Nogueira Archive in Rio de Janeiro.

Keywords: Sociology | Social sciences | Racism | Brazil | United States of America | Family and kinship | Race relations | Stigma of disease | Everett Hughes | University of Chicago


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