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Brazilian anthropologist Edison Carneiro (1912-1972) mainly devoted himself to ethnographic and historical studies on the religiosity and cultural practices of African matrix in Brazil, as well as on Brazilian folklore. A communist intellectual and combative journalist, he carried out ethnographic fieldwork from the 1930s onwards in the candomblé terrains of Salvador, the “African Rome”, an area in which he became one of the main interpreters and specialists. He fought for the defense of freedom of worship of Afro-Brazilian religions. He never obtained a university position. Among his extensive works are Religiões Negras (1936), Candomblés da Bahia (1947), Antologia do Negro Brasileiro (1950) and Dinâmica do Folclore (1965).

Keywords: Folklore | 20th century | Brazil | African-American studies | Afro-brazilian Religions | Race | Folk culture | Race relations

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