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Revue des traditions populaires (1886-1919)

Coordinated by Claudie Voisenat

IIAC-LAHIC, Ministère de la culture, Paris

Founded in 1886 by Paul Sébillot, the Revue des traditions populaires is the organ of the Société des traditions populaires (1885). Published monthly until 1919 (one year after Paul Sébillot’s death), its periodicity became random during the First World War (an issue every two months, on average). The journal’s offices were located at the Musée d’ethnographie du Trocadéro. After thirty-four volumes, it merged in 1920 with the Revue d’ethnographie et de sociologie (1910-1914) to become the Revue d’ethnographie et des traditions populaires (1920-1929).

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