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Rolland, Eugène (1846-1909)

Coordinated by Jean‑Marie Privat

IIAC-LAHIC, Université de Metz

Eugène Rolland (1846-1909) was a French folklorist. Close to Henri Gaidoz, he founded the journal Mélusine with him in 1877 before retiring from the board in 1888 to devote himself more effectively to the publication of his own works and Kryptadia, a journal of obscene folklore. Between 1882 and 1884, he published three volumes of the Almanach des Traditions populaires, which contributed to the structuring of a network of French and European folklorists. He also participated in the creation of the Dîners de Ma Mère l’Oye (Dinners of My Mother Goose), a regular meeting of erudite figures interested in folklore subjects. His major work, mainly philological, is La Faune populaire de France (1876-1911).

Keywords: Bookseller | Last quarter of the 19th century | Lorraine | Folk traditions | Folk knowledge | French folklore | Oral literature

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