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Lares (1912- )

Founded by Lamberto Loria in 1912, Lares was originally the journal of the Italian Ethnographic Society. The birth of the journal reflects and conntributes to the consolidation of positivist studies on Italian regional folklore. Publication was interrupted after the Great War and resumed during the fascist period under the direction of Paolo Toschi. After the Second World War, Lares became the leading journal for folklore studies of a philological and literary nature. From the 1970s, however, the anthropological approach became clearer and was definitively established in the early 2000s under the direction of Pietro Clemente.

Keywords: Philology | History of folklore | Folklore | Demology | Ialian Anthropology | 20th century | European folklore | Folk culture | Paolo Toschi | Giovanni Battista Bronzini | Pietro Clemente | Learned Society