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International Congress of Americanists (1876- )

Organized for the first time in 1876 in Nancy, France, the International Congresses of Americanists are a highlight for researchers studying the American continent. The congress crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1895 for a session in Mexico. Since then, it has been held alternately in Europe and America – first organized on a biennial basis and then, from 1976, every three years. For many decades, the exclusive object of study was the continent’s first inhabitants, the Amerindians, and the congresses were dominated by the anthropological sciences. Each meeting provides close links between the historical and scholarly specificities of the host nation and international scientific considerations: it is an unparalleled sounding board for recording the evolution of research trends. Since the 1980s, the definition of Americanism has broadened considerably to include sociology, history, educational sciences, political science and applied anthropology.

Keywords: Scholarly sociability | 20th century | Last quarter of the 19th century | Americanism | Learned Society

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