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Société des Américanistes de Paris (1895- )

The Société des Américanistes de Paris was founded in 1895 by Ernest-Théodore Hamy. It has published the Journal de la Société des Américanistes since 1896 and brought together researchers in the anthropological sciences: ethnologists and anthropologists, linguists and philologists, archaeologists and prehistorians. After Hamy’s death in 1908, for half a century Paul Rivet played an essential role in the development and international influence of the Société and its Journal. For many decades, his sole object of study was the native inhabitants of the American continent, particularly from Mexico to the south of the continent. It was the first learned society in the world to claim to be Americanist.

Keywords: Physical anthropology | Archaeology | Linguistics | Prehistory | French Ethnology | Ethnography | Scholarly sociability | 20th century | Last quarter of the 19th century | Americanism | Precolombian Archaeology | Learned Society | Paul Rivet | Ernest-Théodore Hamy

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