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Cuisenier, Jean (1927-2017)

Coordinated by Nicolas Adell

Université Jean-Jaurès, Toulouse

Martine Segalen

Université Paris Nanterre

Jean Cuisenier is a French ethnologist. After studying the economic foundations of kinship relationship in the eastern Mediterranean region, he was appointed head of the Parisian Musée national des arts et traditions populaires and the Centre d’ethnologie française on 1 January 1968. He then undertook to promote an ethnology freed from its ties to folklore. He founded the journal Ethnologie française in 1971, open to the contemporary ethnology of French and European societies. When institutional difficulties led to the closure of the museum, Jean Cuisenier became the ethnologist of the Carpathian societies, developing his reflections on issues of ritual and folk art.

Keywords: French Ethnology | 20th century | France | Romania | Bulgaria | European Studies | Rural architecture | Folk arts | Collections | Rituals | Musée national des arts et traditions populaires | Mission du patrimoine ethnologique

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