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Born in Rome, the Argentine anthropologist Marcelo Bórmida (1925-1978) studied biological sciences and worked with the raciologist Sergio Sergi until 1946, when he settled in Argentina and continued his studies at the University of Buenos Aires. He began his fieldwork on Easter Island, then continued in Pampa and Patagonia in Argentina before focusing his research on the indigenous populations of the Gran Chaco and the South American lowlands. In the late 1960s, he developed a theory he called “tautegorical ethnology”. He played a leading role in the University of Buenos Aires and other scientific institutions, including the Museo Etnográfico.

Keywords: Physical anthropology | Diffusionism | Phenomenology | 20th century | Argentina | Chaco | Patagonia | Easter Island | Mythology | Giambattista Vico | Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling | José Imbelloni

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