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Preuss, Konrad Theodor (1869-1938)

Coordinated by Aura Lisette Reyes

Colciencias-Université Nationale de Colombie, ICANH

Konrad Theodor Preuss (1869-1938) belongs to the generation of German Americanists of the early 20th century. After working in the Oceanic section of the Museum für Völkerkunde in Berlin, he gradually became interested in Mesoamerican studies upon becoming one of Eduard Seler’s disciples. He led two expeditions in Latin America, the first to Gran Nayar in Mexico (1905-1907) and the second to Colombia (1913-1919). His field experience allowed him to strengthen his theories on the mythical thinking of the Amerindian peoples and to produce vast compilations of mythological accounts transcribed in indigenous and German languages.

Keywords: Mexico | Colombia | Amerindian studies | Mesoamerican studies | Americanism | Collections | Material culture | Myths

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