International Encyclopaedia
of the Histories of Anthropology

National Museum of Ethnology (Japan) 国立民族学博物館 / Kokuritsu minzokugaku hakubutsukan (1974- )

The National Museum of Ethnology 国立民族学博物館 (Kokuritsu minzokugaku hakubutsukan) was founded in Japan in 1974. After opening its doors to the public in 1977, its exhibition space was expanded, a temporary exhibition building was provided, and in 2017 redevelopment of its entire permanent exhibition, which had begun in the 2000s, was completed. Located on the former site of the Osaka Universal Exhibition (1970), this “museum-laboratory” has an inter-university research centre and exhibits not only on foreign but also national cultures.

Keywords: Museology/museography | Japan | Heritage policy | Learned Society | Ethnology Museum | Research Institute