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Sébillot, Paul (1843-1918)

Coordinated by Claudie Voisenat

IIAC-LAHIC, Ministère de la culture, Paris

French folklorist Paul Sébillot (1843-1918) is one of the key figures in the network that was built in the 1880s around folk traditions. First a painter and journalist, folklore became his main activity in the 1880s. A republican, he founded the Société des traditions populaires in 1885, then the journal of the same name in 1886. A specialist in oral literature and popular traditions in Upper Britanny, he broadened his interests and combined the information gathered in his journal to publish Le Folklore de France between 1904 and 1906, a veritable sum of the knowledge of his time.

Keywords: Publicist | Painter or draftsman | Last quarter of the 19th century | First quarter of the 20th century | Brittany | Folk traditions | French folklore | Oral literature

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