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Caro Baroja, Julio (1914-1995)

Coordinated by Carmen Ortiz García

Instituto de Historia, CSIC/Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – Madrid

Julio Caro Baroja (1914-1995) is probably the most internationally recognized Spanish anthropologist. His work, situated between history and anthropology, is devoted to the peoples living on the Iberian Peninsula from ancient times and to the persistence of their customs and traditions in 20th century rural culture. His work, which is very extensive, takes an original approach with issues such as the construction of collective imaginaries, witchcraft, religious dogmas or the relationship between normative power and individuals. Through his scholarship and research themes, Caro Baroja is part of a resolutely ethnological intellectual tradition and practice.

Keywords: Folklore | Ethnology | 20th century | Spain | Iberian Peninsula | Folk traditions | Folk mythology | Cultural history | Pre-Christian religions | Witchcraft | Christianity

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