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Ronald Gordon Crocombe (1929-2009), a New Zealand colonial administrator, particularly in the Cook Islands, became a professional anthropologist in 1956 and a leading figure in the academia and in Oceanic Studies. Better known as Ron Crocombe, he developed an ethnohistorical approach, combining ethnography and archives, including the vernacular. He was the author of an extensive bibliography, promoted the visibility of Pacific Island researchers and published several works (such as The Works of Ta`unga, published in 1968) with his wife Marjorie (Marjie) Tuainakore Crocombe, also from the Cook Islands and anthropologist.

Keywords: Ethnohistory | Christian missions | Colonialism | New Guinea | New Zealand/Aotearoa | Cook Islands | South Pacific | Melanesian studies | Polynesian studies | Vernacular archives | University of South Pacific

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