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Nadel, Siegfried Frederick (1903-1956)

Siegfried F. Nadel (1903-1956), an Austrian anthropologist of Jewish origin, became a prominent member of the British functionalist school. In the 1930s, he joined Malinowski’s cohort of protégés who went to Africa under the aegis of the International African Institute. Major monographs resulted, such as A Black Byzantium (1942) and The Nuba (1947). While Nadel supported an anthropology in Africa that was concerned about the fate of the colonized, his attitude was of lesser engagement at the Australian National University, where he inaugurated the chair of anthropology in 1951. An original ethnographer and theorist, he occupies a place of secundus inter pares in the history of British social anthropology.

Keywords: Applied anthropology | Social anthropology | Functionalism | British colonialism | 20th century | North Sudan/South Sudan | Nigeria | Australia | Nuba | Nupe | Political systems | Social structure | Bronislaw Malinowski | International African Institute

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