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International Congress of Orientalists (Lisbon, 1892)

Coordinated by Alexandra Nepomuceno

Universidade de Lisboa

Planned in 1892 under the patronage of the King of Portugal, the 10th International Congress of Orientalists in Lisbon was cancelled following a political dispute between European Orientalists. The texts prepared for the congress were nevertheless printed, mainly by the Lisbon Geographical Society and the National Printing House, in memory of a meeting that was never held. The themes under discussion favoured, in particular, the oriental languages, literature, culture, history, geography, anthropology, ethnography, archaeology and religion of the oriental peoples. Among the participants planned on the Portuguese side were renowned anthropologists, including Francisco Adolfo Coelho (1847-1919), José Leite de Vasconcelos (1858-1941), and Guilherme de Vasconcelos Abreu (1842-1907).

Keywords: Orientalism | Second half of the 19th century | Portugal | Asian studies | Oriental studies

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