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Journal of the American Oriental Society (1843- )

The Journal of the American Oriental Society was founded in 1843 in the United States, one year after the founding of the learned society of which it is the organ, and remains so until now. From its inception, the journal has had eminently philological, but sometimes exegetical and historical concerns, regarding not only the literate contexts of Asia since antiquity and North Africa since the Middle Ages, but also the non-Islamic sub-Saharan and Polynesian contexts of oral tradition. While the place of these was already secondary in the 19th century alongside the affirmation of Asian and Islamic studies, a comparative residue remains in place that sometimes takes into account African and Polynesian universes, either through certain articles, or through the reports of grammars and dictionaries of those languages whose written production was often started by Christian missionaries. The journal also publishes the proceedings of the Society’s scholarly meetings.

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