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Almanak Breiz-Izel (1872)

Coordinated by Fañch Postic

CRBC, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest.

In December 1869, Henri Gaidoz submitted to François-Marie Luzel the idea of an almanac in Breton, following the example of Armana Provençau. The project of an Almanak Breiz-Izel, (“Almanac of Lower Britanny”), which was intended to spread republican ideas among the Breton population, took shape in the autumn of 1871, during a trip by Gaidoz to Brittany. Gaidoz, who inspired the editorial line, and Luzel, the kingpin of the working class, activated their networks: Luzel’s network was local, mainly Breton and socially diversified; Gaidoz’s was more homogeneous and made up mainly of scholars and scientists from the capital. The almanac, which appeared in early 1872, was produced in a hurry and failed.

Keywords: Second half of the 19th century | 1870s | Brittany

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