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Hartland, Edwin Sidney (1848-1927)

Coordinated by Frederico Delgado Rosa -

CRIA / NOVA FCSH, Lisbonne

Edwin Sidney Hartland (1848-1927), born in Islington, near London, was a British lawyer and politician who devoted his free time to the science of folklore, or anthropology, and became one of the most prominent members of the Folk-Lore Society. In The Legend of Perseus: A Study of Tradition in Story, Custom and Belief, published in three volumes between 1894 and 1896, he introduced the anthropological theme of supernatural births. His prolific work addresses issues of “primitive paternity” on a recurring basis, among other topics (for example, totemism) that were anthropologically fashionable in his time.

Keywords: 19th century | First quarter of the 20th century