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Tradition, La (1887-1907)

Coordinated by Christelle Ventura


Founded by Henri Carnoy and Émile Blémont in 1887 with the subtitle Revue générale des contes, légendes, chants, chants, usages, tradition et arts populaires, then Revue internationale du folklore et des sciences qui s’y rattachent,La Tradition appeared on the 15th of each month. The collection consists of seventeen volumes. Émile Blémont resigned from the board in 1893. In 1900, Paul Froment de Beaurepaire (aka as De Beaurepaire-Froment) joined Henri Carnoy as director but left him to create the Revue du traditionnisme français et étranger. Founded by dissidents of the Revue des traditions populaires,La Tradition, marked by its proximity to literature, would not succeed in establishing itself on the scholarly scene.

Keywords: Folklore | Last quarter of the 19th century | Folk traditions | Journals and periodicals

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