BEROSE Encyclopaedia / Topical dossiers

The collection of topical dossiers is the heart of the BEROSE online encyclopaedia.

The dossiers are classed in three main categories:

  • Ethnographers and Anthropologists, a category that includes scholars, amateurs, missionaries, learned individuals and collectors with other intellectual identities but who are historically tied to anthropology;
  • Anthropological institutions and journals; e.g. ethnographic museums, scholarly societies, scientific bodies, universities and institutions of higher learning, as well as scientific meetings, such as conferences; and journals such as, for example, Revue des Traditions Populaires, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, Sudan Notes and Records;
  • Anthropological traditions, themes and concepts.

Each dossier includes a short introductory note and at least one original biographical or historical article that may be supplemented by one or more articles devoted to a specific point and directing readers to other relevant sources, including digital primary sources available via BEROSE or elsewhere on line (journals, archives, correspondence).

Other content may be relational diagrams to visualize intellectual and institutional networks, audio and video recordings, visual and iconographic material, notes and research instruments.

Each dossier includes work by one or more researchers, and may be regularly enriched with new articles and/or documents.

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