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Société de linguistique de Paris (1863-)

Coordinated by Claudine Gauthier

IIAC-LAHIC, Université de Bordeaux

The Société de linguistique (Linguistics Society) appeared in 1863, albeit in an unofficial form, and brought together all those whose subject of study was language or languages, from a historical, comparative, structural or typological point of view. Initially a discussion circle around Hyacinthe de Charencey and Antoine d’Abbadie, the intention was to create, in front of the Société d’anthropologie de Paris of Paul Broca and with the knowledge of naturalistic linguistics that inspired it, a competing association close to monarchist and Catholic circles. From 1876 onwards, the Société de linguistique de Paris became a learned society.

Keywords: Philology | Linguistics | First half of the 20th century | Last quarter of the 19th century

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