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Founded in 1948, the journal Runa. Archivo para las Ciencias del Hombre is a biannual publication of the Instituto de Ciencias Antropológicas of the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Its course over the past seven decades was punctuated by interruptions and re-foundations due to broader political and social processes, which profoundly affected Argentine social formation and the circuits of university teaching and research. A new phase of the journal began in 1984, when the university returned to normal after the end of the last military dictatorship (1976-1983). Today, the Instituto de Ciencias Antropológicas is the alma mater of almost three hundred researchers (both trained and in training). It is one of the three most important research centres in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Argentina. Runa is the only journal of the Institute in which all sections (biological anthropology, social anthropology, ethnology, ethnohistory, folklore) converge.

Keywords: Social anthropology | Ethnohistory | Folklore | Biological anthropology | 20th century | Argentina | Journals and periodicals

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