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Pichonnet-Andral, Marie-Marguerite (1922-2004)

Born in 1922 in Montluçon (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Marie-Marguerite Pichonnet-Andral – also known as Maguy Andral – a pianist by training, joined the Musée national des arts et traditions populaires in 1945 and became assistant to Claudie Marcel-Dubois’s, with whom she did her first fieldwork in 1946. In the museum’s ethnomusicology department, Maguy Andral, who had joined the CNRS in 1947, was mainly in charge of managing the sound collections and field recordings, and it was she who made the transcriptions and musical analyses necessary for the research she carried out with Marcel-Dubois and for the publications for which Marcel-Dubois was mainly responsible. In 1981, it was Maguy Andral who, following Marcel-Dubois’s retirement, took over the management of the department of which she had officially been the assistant since 1953 for the next six years. Together with Marcel-Dubois, she thus contributed to the creation of a significant institutional and disciplinary work.

Keywords: Ethnomusicology | Anthropology of France | Anthropology at home | Second half of the 20th century | France | Musée national des arts et traditions populaires | Claudie Marcel-Dubois | Georges Henri Rivière

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