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of the Histories of Anthropology

Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares (1944- )

The Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares (1944- ) was created during the early years of the Franco regime, within the central body that controlled scientific research in Spain. The journal was meant to be an organ for the dissemination of studies on traditional culture and folklore. Its publication has continued without interruption, going through different historical periods – from the dictatorship to the democratic transition. In 2018 the journal underwent its most radical change, with a re-foundation and the change of its former title to Disparidades. Revista de Antropología. Throughout its duration, the journal can be considered as a representative product of the successive periods through which anthropological research has passed in Spain. There have been discontinuities, but also tenuous lines of continuity within the institutional maintenance of a discipline which cannot be seen as separate from the ideological and political circumstances which have marked the history of Spain from the Republican era, the Civil War, the Franco dictatorship and democracy.

Keywords: Folklore | Cultural anthropology | Francoism | Spain | Ethnographic Archives | Journals and periodicals