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Founded in 1981, in Carcassonne, GARAE (Groupe Audois de Recherche et d’Animation Ethnographique) carried out its first work continuing that of the “Groupe d’études régionalistes et de folklore audois”, which included René Nelli, Urbain Gibert and Pierre Sire among its members.

In 1996, it became one of the “ethnopôles” established in the region by the Ministry of Culture and carries out missions to develop and promote research on ethnological heritage. Its members are also responsible for expert work.
As a training centre open to junior researchers in the humanities and social sciences and to professionals in the field of culture and heritage studies, it organizes workshops and conferences and helps them deepen their reflection on the history and contemporary challenges of their discipline.

The GARAE is installed in the “house of a hundred windows” of the poet Joë Bousquet, now the “Maison des mémoires”. Its documentation resource centre specialises in the collection of journals in the human and social sciences (French and foreign ethnology, oral literature, linguistics, sociology, history and history of religions in the Mediterranean area). It houses a unique collection of local, regional and national journals from all over Europe, as well as a large number of publications on the literary heritage of the 20th century, in particular surrealism, Joë Bousquet and his contemporaries, autobiography and writers’ homes.

From 1997 to 2003, GARAE hosted the seminar “Sources and Genesis of Ethnology of France”, in which many members of the BÉROSE scientific network participated. In 2007, it also created the Archivethno directory of ethnographic archival collections. It is one of the oldest partners of the BÉROSE programme.

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