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Libraries and Documentation Centres of the BEROSE network

  • Les Champs Libres, Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole (BRM)

The Library of the Rennes Metropolitan Area (BRM), the Musée de Bretagne and the “Espace des sciences” are the three entities that make up the “Les Champs Libres” cultural facility. As an associate cluster of the BnF and a partner of the Public Information Library, the BRM is one of the twelve municipal libraries with a regional focus, as well as the 54 classified municipal libraries. It holds heritage collections that now include some 400,000 documents dated from the 11th to the 21st century: manuscripts, books, periodicals, posters, maps and plans, postcards, vinyl records, audio and video cassettes, compact discs, DVDs, etc.

Within these encyclopaedic collections, the regional collection gathers all the documents needed to trace the history of Brittany. The correspondence between François-Marie Luzel and Henri Gaidoz is kept there.
The partnership between Les Champs Libres and BEROSE was born from the project of digitizing this correspondence and publishing an online edition on the encyclopaedia’s website.

- Adress :
Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole
10 cours des Alliés
35000 Rennes, France
02 23 40 66 00
- Website : www.leschampslibres.fr
- Contact : Sarah Toulouse - s.toulouse [at] leschampslibres.fr

— Les Champs Libres website, http://www.leschampslibres.fr/ (visited on 16/04/2015).
— BRM website, http://www.bibliotheque-rennesmetropole.fr/ (visited on 16/04/2015).

  • Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale (LAS), Bibliothèque Claude-Lévi-Strauss

Founded in 1960 by Claude Lévi-Strauss, the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie sociale (LAS) library is one of the main French libraries specializing in general ethnology at the national level. It consists of three sections: books and journals, Human relations area files (HRAF) and archives. The Books and Journals Section has a total of approximately 30,000 books, 480 journal titles and 22,000 reprints, divided between a general collection, geographical and thematic collections and specific ones (researchers’ working libraries). The Claude-Lévi-Strauss Library is the only repository in Europe for the HRAF paper file, the largest ethnographic database in the world. Created in the 1990s, the Archives Section preserves and promotes the LAS collections (institutional and scientific archives covering the years during which Claude Lévi-Strauss directed the laboratory, and photographic archives) and the field materials of 18 ethnologists (notebooks, notes, sound recordings, photographic documents, etc.). The analytical inventories of the funds, some of which are digitized, are compiled in an online database.

As part of BEROSE, the collections of the LAS library were added to those of the MuCEM during the digitization of the Mélusine journal.

- Adress :
Bibliothèque Claude Lévi-Strauss,
Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale (LAS),
Collège de France,
52 rue du Cardinal-Lemoine
75005 Paris
- Tel : 01 44 27 17 46
- Website : http://las.ehess.fr/index.php?936
- Catalogue : http://biblas.college-de-france.fr/
- Contact : Sophie Assal - sophie.assal [at] college-de-france.fr

— LAS website (visited on 16/04/2015).
- Image : Salle de lecture de la Bibliothèque Claude Lévi-Strauss, par Sandrine Lecointre, Bibliothèque Claude Lévi-Strauss, http://biblas.college-de-france.fr/.

  • Biblioteca Giuseppe Pitrè

Like the Museo etnografico siciliano, the Biblioteca (Library) Giuseppe Pitrè has its origin in the collection presented by the Italian folklorist at the National Exhibition held in Palermo in 1891. The library has about 30,000 titles, including nearly 350 books from the 16th and 17th centuries, and some 1,400 theses. It also preserves all the archives of Giuseppe Pitrè, including letters from his many Italian and foreign correspondents.

The Biblioteca Giuseppe Pitrè and BEROSE have joined forces to digitize, transcribe and edit the letters sent to Giuseppe Pitrè by Henri Gaidoz, Eugène Rolland, Emmanuel Cosquin and Paul Sébillot. Correspondence in Italian and English relating to the research themes of the programme will also be translated and made available in the online encyclopaedia.

- Adress :
Biblioteca Giuseppe Pitrè
Palazzo Tarallo, Via delle Pergole, 74
90139 Palermo.
- Website: http://librarsi.comune.palermo.it/polo/biblioteche-del-polo/biblioteca-giuseppe-pitre/biblioteca/home/
- Contact : Eliana Calandra, Direttore
archivispazietno [at] comune.palermo.it

— Biblioteca Giuseppe Pitrè’s website (visited on 16/04/2015).
- Image : Biblioteca Giuseppe Pitrè, Libr@rsi - Copyright : Biblioteca Comunale di Palermo, http://librarsi.comune.palermo.it/polo/biblioteche-del-polo/biblioteca-giuseppe-pitre/biblioteca/servizi/.