Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF)

Since 2008, the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) has been engaged in a process of mass digitisation. Gallica, the digital library of the BNF and its partners, now provides access to more than 2 million documents. This selection, which testifies to the richness of the French written heritage and its influence, includes printed matter and manuscripts, but also iconographic and sound documents, scores, maps and plans.
The collections of partner institutions placed online on Gallica are digitized as part of the BNF campaigns, or by the partners themselves. This site contains references to more than 140,000 documents from 41 libraries. The constitution of these encyclopaedic collections, essentially composed of rare or difficult to access documents, is also carried out in consultation with researchers, in order to support the progress of their work.
In order to develop the dimension of Gallica’s cooperation, while promoting the development of complementary digital collections on a national scale, the BNF supported the BEROSE research project: to make available to all, in digital form, the sources from the collections of its institutional partners studied by researchers in its scientific network. A digital cooperation agreement for the dematerialization of documents was therefore established between the BNF and BEROSE in February 2010. After being renewed in November 2011, this partnership was extended until 2014.

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