Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique (CRBC)

Founded in 1969 and attached to the CNRS since 1983, the Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique (CRBC, EA 4451 / UMS 3554) is a multidisciplinary laboratory mainly composed of historians, linguists, ethnologists, sociologists and literary scholars.
It is made up of two components: the CRBC Brest, located at the University of Western Brittany (UBO), and the CRBC Rennes, at the University of Rennes 2. Its work focuses mainly on Breton and Celtic cultural areas, but also covers other themes and terrains in Europe and beyond.

The CRBC Brest is also in charge of managing the Centre de recherche et de documentation sur la littérature orale, created in 1990 by agreement between the Department of Finistère, the CNRS and the UBO. Located at the Manoir de Kernault in Mellac, the mission of this centre is to collect and communicate to the public documents and archives resulting from the movement to collect 19th century oral traditions. It prepares the publication of some of these texts and organizes scientific meetings with institutions carrying out the same missions, in France and abroad.
The CRBC takes part in all the scientific activities carried out within the framework of the BEROSE programme: development of the dictionary, documentary files and graphs, correspondence editing, organisation of workshops and study days, collective publications.

The Bibliothèque Yves-Le-Gallo (UMS 3554), housed at the CRBC, is one of the partners involved in the cooperation agreement between BEROSE and the BNF, which aims to reconstitute corpuses of digital sources.
This research library, dedicated to the knowledge of Brittany and the Celtic countries, makes available to the general public a reference documentation including 54,000 books (including 5,000 in Breton), 2,080 journal titles, 405 theses, 16,000 sound recordings, as well as geographical maps, photographic collections, postcards and posters. The Yves-Le-Gallo Library is also the custodian of nearly 80 archival collections, including the Pierre-Jakez Helias Collection, the Anatole Le Braz Collection and a large part of the archives of the Plozevet Concerted Action. It is involved in the enrichment of several union catalogues, including that of the Ethnology Network.

- Addresses:

Centre de recherche bretonne et celtique
Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines
20 Rue Duquesne - CS 93837
29238 BREST Cedex 3
- Tel.: 33.(0).298.016.331
- Website: http://www.univ-brest.fr/crbc/
- Contact: crbc [at] univ-brest.fr

Centre de recherche et de documentation sur la littérature orale
Manoir de Kernault
29300 Mellac
- Tel.: 33.(0).298.719.060
- Contact : Fañch Postic - fanch.postic [at] univ-brest.fr

Bibliothèque Yves-Le Gallo
Faculté des Lettres et Sciences humaines Victor-Segalen
Bâtiment C, 4ème étage
20, rue Duquesne
CS 93837
29238 Brest Cedex 3
- Tel.: 33.(0).298.016.379
- Website: http://www.univ-brest.fr/crbc/menu/Bibliotheque_Yves-Le-Gallo/Presentation
- Catalogue : http://portailcrbc.univ-brest.fr/
- Contact: Marie-Rose Prigent - marie-rose.prigent [at] univ-brest.fr


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