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Mélusine. Recueil de mythologie, littérature populaire, traditions et usages

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Mélusine. Recueil de mythologie, littérature populaire, traditions et usages, 1877 (I) ; avr. 1884-1901 (II-X) ; 1912 (XI). Paris, Librairie Viaut.

Founded in 1877 by H. Gaidoz and E. Rolland, the journal Mélusine comprises 11 volumes published between 1877 and 1912. In 1888 Eugène Rolland left the board of Mélusine and Henri Gaidoz was in charge of maintaining it alone. Three periods can be distinguished: a first volume, isolated, was published in 1877 without much success; a regular publication, every two years, from 1884 to 1901, allowed the current scientific scene to be occupied, in competition with the Society and the Revue des traditions populaires; a last issue, isolated, in 1912, constituted a kind of balance sheet and a settling of scores with Paul Sébillot, considered to be the founder of the folk traditions movement, a merit that Henri Gaidoz considered he had usurped and with which he credited Eugène Rolland, who had died in 1909.

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