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« Jacques Hainard. Entretien avec Alain Morel »

Jacques Hainard
Alain Morel
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“ Jacques Hainard. Interview with Alain Morel ”, collection “L’Ethnologie en héritage”, n°19, director : Gilles Le Mao ; producers : Gilles Le Mao & Stéphane Jourdain /La Huit, 2016, 180 min.


Jacques Hainard studied at the University of Neuchâtel. In 1971, after working as a curator at the Museum of Ethnography in Basel, he left for Zaire for two years with the intention of becoming an Africanist. He then became aware of his vocation and returned to Switzerland to become a museum curator. He was initially “chef de travaux” at the Institute of Ethnology at the University of Neuchâtel, and was appointed director of the Museum of Ethnography in Neuchâtel (MEN) in 1980. Until 2006, he organised twenty-five temporary exhibitions. From the moment he was appointed, Jacques Hainard opted for a museology of rupture, no longer wishing to be satisfied with juxtaposing objects, as most museums did at the time. Each exhibition must tell a story. It was also a question of designing a museography that would challenge the visitor, solicit his or her critical spirit and lead him or her to question the exhibition. The themes chosen echo the problems of contemporary society. Jacques Hainard considers the ethnographic museum to be a place of cultural destabilization in the sense that truth can only be very relative.

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