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«  Marc Henri Piault. Entretien avec Julien Ténédos  »

Marc Henri Piault & Julien Ténédos
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“Marc Henri Piault. Interview with Julien Ténédos”, collection “L’Ethnologie en héritage”, n°4, director : Stéphane Jourdain ; producers : Gilles Le Mao & Stéphane Jourdain /La Huit, 2007, 180 min.

Marc Henri Piault is an anthropologist and filmmaker. Director of research at the CNRS and president of the Ethnographic Film Committee, he has conducted research in West Africa (migrations, pre-colonial political formations, possession cults), France (regional identity, cultural representation) and Brazil (beliefs, belonging, identity and conflicts). He is a former president of the French Association of Anthropologists. He is a former editor of the Journal des Africanistes and the Journal des Anthropologues. He is also the author of more than 100 publications in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. As one of the main representatives of French audiovisual anthropology, he is the author of numerous films (Bawra, Akazama, Shan Kubewa, Mahauta, Un jeune homme à la campagne) shot in Niger, Nigeria, France and Brazil and of a television series for public French Broadcasting (Lieux-dits..., essai d’ethnologie visuelle en Occitanie), he has taught in Parisian universities (Paris X, EHESS, Paris I Sorbonne) and still teaches today at the State University of Rio in Brazil.

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