Histoires contemporaines des anthropologies latino‑américaines

International conference, 30 June-1 July 2022, Paris

This international conference marks the launch of the International Research Network (IRN, CNRS) “Transatlantic History of Latin American Anthropologies” (HITAL), led by a consortium of anthropologists collaborating on BEROSE international encyclopaedia of the histories of anthropology. HITAL’s scientific ambition is to contribute to a transatlantic history (19th-21st centuries) of ethnography and anthropology in several South American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia), with a comparative dimension covering all of Latin America and the Caribbean. Anthropology occupies a singular position within nation-building in Latin America. The main challenge is to contribute to the pluralisation of the history of anthropology by restoring other ways of thinking and practicing anthropology. It is also a matter of acknowledging and understanding the variety of actors in disciplinary past. Particular attention is paid to excluded ancestors and non-professional ethnographers, to interlocutors in the field, to indigenous communities historically linked to anthropological projects and which occupy an increasingly important place in the construction of knowledge and the dynamics of museum institutions, carrying an alternative discourse that challenges the heuristic premises of anthropology.

N. B. Free admission subject to availability of seats

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