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Lorenzo Dow Turner – Audio Collection

This resource includes a selection of audio files related to Lorenzo Dow Turner and his work.

Audio 01 – Interview with Katie Brown, Sapelo Island, 1933.

Lorenzo Dow Turner Collection, Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Lorenzo Dow Turner interviewed Katie Brown in Sapelo Island, Georgia, in 1933. She was a descendant of Bilali Mohamed, a Muslim man who had been enslaved in the 18th century.

Audio 02 - Martinano Eliseu do Bomfim Interviews with Dr. Lorenzo Dow Turner in Salvador Bahia, 1940.

These interviews tell the history of Martiniano’s life in Salvador, Bahia, and Lagos, where he went to live as a teenager. Martiniano told his life history to Turner, in Yoruba and English, between October 12 and December 9, 1940. Martiniano shared his interviews with a close friend, Ana dos Santos, born in Lagos of Brazilian parents. The family returned to Brazil in 1908. Ana was also fluent in Yoruba, English, and Portuguese.