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« Eugène Rolland et son oeuvre littéraire »

Henri Gaidoz
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Gaidoz, Henri, 1912. « Eugène Rolland et son oeuvre littéraire », Mélusine, tome XI, Paris, pp. 418-440.

“J’avais un camarade...” (I had a friend). This amazing text is a long obituary article written by Henri Gaidoz, three years after Eugène Rolland’s death, in Mélusine, the magazine they had founded together. Believing that his friend’s role in the development of research on folk arts and traditions from the 1880s onwards was not properly recognized, Henri Gaidoz undertook to do him posthumous justice here. It is true that Rolland, the initiator in 1882 of the Almanach des traditions populaires and Dîners de ma Mère l’Oye (Dinners of My Mother Goose), was also a discreet scientist, perhaps more concerned with his work than with the tasks inherent in the organization of an erudite sociability. Sébillot took care of it, and took the benefits inherent in the position of the rank leader. Henri Gaidoz attacks him violently here, calling him the Amerigo Vespucci of folklore. Sébillot answered him in 1913 in La Revue des Traditions Populaires.

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