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Australian Memory of the World Program

Le site officiel du projet de l’UNESCO « Australian Memory of the World Program » présente, entre autres, la collection « Anthropological Field Research and Teaching Records, University of Sydney, 1926-1956 » (University of Sydney Archives ; Macleay Museum ; University of Sydney), qui comprend des documents de Hogbin ou liés à son activité, dont des photographies.

The collection, held in the University of Sydney’s Archives and Macleay Museum, documents the activities and careers of eminent academics associated with the oldest department of Anthropology at an Australian university. It puts on record a time of dominance of the pioneers of Australian and Pacific social anthropology which included AR Radcliffe-Brown, AP Elkin, Camilla Wedgwood, and HIP Hogbin as well as researchers funded by the Australian National Research Council such as WEH Stanner, Olive Pink, Ursula McConnell and WL Warner, all of whom carved out significant anthropological careers outside Sydney University. (...)

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