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Dîners celtiques (1879-1902)

Coordinated by Claudine Gauthier -

IIAC-LAHIC, Université de Bordeaux

The idea of organizing monthly dinners for friends of Celtic studies was born during meetings organized by Henri Gaidoz. The Celtic Society, and the Celtic dinners that accompany it, was open to Britons from France and overseas, as well as to lovers of Celtic studies. The first dinner was held on June 18, 1879, bringing together the founding members, E Renan, J. Loth, Hamonic, N. Quellien, P. Sébillot and H. Gaidoz. Ernest Renan, president for life, became the centre of these meetings called “Renanian Masses” or “Renan’s Banquets”. After his death and that of Narcisse Quellien (permanent secretary), one last dinner was held on May 24, 1902.

Keywords: Scholarly sociability | Last quarter of the 19th century | Brittany | Folk traditions