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Bailey, Frederick George (1924- )

Frederick George Bailey (1924-) is a prolific and influential British anthropologist who launched his academic career in the 1950s under the supervision of Max Gluckman at Manchester University. He developed an ambitious ethnographic project in India out of which emerged a series of monographs – including Tribe, Caste and Nation (1960) – which reflect his main interest in political anthropology. With the publication of Stratagems and Spoils (1969), Bailey was recognized as a key figure in what became known as the transactional or agency model. After leaving his mark at the University of London and the University of Sussex, in 1971 he accepted a position at the University of California at San Diego, where in 1995 he became professor emeritus, while continuing to decode the play of power embedded in unsuspected places and everyday life.

Keywords: Transactional model/agency | 20th century | 21st century | United Kingdom | India | Political anthropology | Power | Max Gluckman