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Society of Folklore 民間伝承の会 /Minkan denshō no kai (1935-1949)

The Society of Folklore 民間伝承の会 (Minkan denshō no kai), founded in 1935 in Tokyo, was the first organization designed to unite the research efforts of Japanese folklore artists, who were previously affiliated with a large number of regional associations. The Society’s role was central in the dissemination of a methodology for Japanese folk studies. It is within this framework that they would become autonomous and assert their status as a discipline independent of ethnology and anthropology. The Society of Folklore reorganized in 1949 and took the name of the Japanese Society of Folk Studies 日本民俗学会 (Nihon minzoku gakkai), still active today.

Keywords: Folklore | Ethnology | Japan | Folk traditions | Yanagita Kunio