Bibliography of Edwin Sidney Hartland. Selection

Compiled by
Frederico Delgado Rosa (CRIA / NOVA FCSH, Lisbonne)


Full reference

Bibliography of Edwin Sidney Hartland : selection. Compiled by Frederico Delgado Rosa, in BEROSE - International Encyclopaedia of the Histories of Anthropology, Paris.

- 1891. The Science of Fairy Tales. An Enquiry into the Fairy Mythology, s. l., s. n.

- 1894-1896. The Legend of Perseus : A Study of Tradition in Story, Custom and Belief, London, David Nutt, 3 vols.

- 1899. Folk-Lore : What is it and What is the Good of it ?, s. l., s. n.

- 1921. Primitive Society : the Beginnings of the Family and the Reckoning of Descent, London, Methuen and Co.

Pour la bibliographie complète, voir A.C. Haddon, « In Memoriam : Edwin Sidney Hartland (1848-1927) », Folklore, 1927, vol. 32, n.2, pp. 178-192.