BEROSE Meetings 

Archives virtuelles et généalogies anthropologiques

Virtual archives and anthropological genealogies / Arquivos virtuais e genealogias antropológicas
Workshop international / Workshop internacional
Lisbon, 24 July, 2018 / Lisboa, 24 de julho de 2018

The development of digital platforms for accessing online archival and encyclopaedic content has potentialities whose impact on research and teaching in the fields of anthropology and the history of the discipline is not yet fully understood. Based on an analytical comparison of a number of cases, including the BEROSE encyclopaedia (IIAC-LAHIC) and the Enciclopédia de Antropologia of the University of São Paulo (USP), a group of researchers discuss their experiences, either in terms of the administration and design of programmes in the field of virtual archives or in terms of the use of resources and their intellectual challenges as regards anthropological genealogies.

Scientific Direction: F. Delgado Rosa, S. Vespeira de Almeida (CRIA, IIAC-LAHIC), and A. C. Marques (USP)

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