The Erving Goffman Archives

« The Erving Goffman Archives (EGA) collects documents, biographical materials, and critical studies about Dr. Erving Goffman, the 73d president of the American Sociological Association (1922-1982). EGA provides personal testimonies and documents bearing on academic life in the post WWII Untied States, with special attention to the plight of women in the social sciences. This web-based, open-source project serves as a clearing house for those interested in the dramaturgical perspective in sociology and biographical methods of research. Postings on the EGA web site are divided into several overlapping sections : “Documents and Papers,” “Goffman’s Publications,” “Goffman in the News,” “Biographical Materials,” “Critical Assessments,” and “Comments and Dialogues.” (...) » The Erving Goffman Archives

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