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Présentation Anglais

jeudi 18 mai 2017

Bérose is an online encyclopaedia dedicated to the history of anthropology in the broadest sense, including ethnography, ethnology, folklore studies and related disciplines. The website has three cornerstones, which are constantly being expanded : topical dossiers that compile research outputs and primary documents ; an online publication series (Carnets de Bérose) ; and regular academic workshops and conferences.
The dossiers cover :

  • The lives and work of anthropologists and ethnographers ;
  • The development of anthropological and ethnographic journals ;
  • The history of anthropological institutions, broadly defined.

Each dossier contains an introductory article presenting historical or biographical information, followed by links to documents related to the subject, including primary source material in digital form, and a relational diagram which enables users to visualize the intellectual and institutional networks.
Bérose users are invited to contribute to the encyclopaedia, in French, English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. Proposals for new entries and other suggestions can be made to :